Podcast: IAB x RADLY

Listen below to what RADLY’s top experts have to say about the topic of digital transformation in the field of marketing and sales. RADLY has the privilege to collaborate with KonversiO-Optimistit, IAB Finland’s podcast series, for four episodes. RADLY’s specialists discuss the topics with IAB Finland’s Managing Director, Pasi Raassina, and Head of Business Development Mira Vaurula.​ 

This podcast is only available in Finnish.​

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Do you have the guts to jump into digitalization?

Can you feel the pressure of digital transformation in your organization? How do you find just the right solutions for your company in the wild west of technologies? Is it true that engineers can be excellent marketeers? 

Pasi Raassina, RADLY’s COO Mikko Koski and Lead Consultant Ilkka Särkiö take a deep dive into the needs and challenges of marketing transformation in today’s data- and technology-centric world.

Are your skills up to date in the age of data?

What’s the required skillset in the age of data and technology in order to keep up with constant change? When is it best to outsource and when should you recruit new talent? Where can you find relevant training? Why are recruiters searching for unicorns, ninjas and gurus?​ 

In this episode Mira Vaurula discusses know-how in the field of digital- and AI-driven marketing with RADLY’s Digital Transformation Lead Emma Lehtovaara and Lead Consultant Ilkka Särkiö, who should already be familiar from the previous episodes.

Hey Sales! Would you like to play with me? Best regards, Marketing

What is seamless sales and marketing co-operation made of? What are the common pitfalls and how could it be developed?
In this episode, IAB’s Mira Vaurula and Pasi Raassina discuss with RADLY’s Emma Lehtovaara how leadership, KPI’s and communication improve seamless co-operation between sales and marketing.

The Anatomy of good (or even excellent) data

What’s high quality data made of? What other data sources are there in addition to cookies? What does data literacy mean? These topics and more are covered in this episode with IAB’s Pasi, RADLY’s Mikko Koski and Ilkka Särkiö, and also guest starring MTV’s Chief Data Scientist Simo Könönen.

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