Discover the best way of spending your programmatic budget

RADLY Optimizer is an everyday optimization tool that is suitable for all marketers from e-com to large FMCG brands. Whether you want to maximize conversions, boost website traffic or increase your programmatic viewability, RADLY Optimizer is the tool for you.


Better performance

Get the most out of your programmatic budgets with RADLY Optimizer.


Pick your goal: maximize conversions, boost website traffic or increase programmatic viewability.


After an easy setup, the tool works on its own; no manual analysis or budget tweaking is needed.​


Continuous optimization ensures that your budget is always in the right place. ​

How does RADLY Optimizer work?

Optimization is done by a proprietary reinforcement learning algorithm.
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RADLY Optimizer predicts performance potential for all line items.

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Budget is shifted from the line items with low-performance potential to the ones with higher performance potential.

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Continuous optimization ensures top programmatic performance even in changing marketing environments.

RADLY Optimizer works with the Adform programmatic buying platform. Support for other programmatic platforms is under development.