Tapio Mehtonen starts as Head of Sales at RADLY

Hi guys! 

My name is Tapio Mehtonen. I have just started as the Head of Sales at RADLY. I have worked all my life in media, advertising, and marketing. For the past 20 years, I have focused mainly on digital media. I have also made a lot of observations over the decades about the challenges my clients have had. The more the world and media have become digitalized, and the more we have harnessed technology, the more challenging managing change has become.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced customers to sit up and notice what they were doing. They had to re-think and re-invent the wheel as it was no longer working for them. This was reflected in canceled international events and trade fairs, salespeople not traveling, and people spending more time on digital channels at work and in their free time. Everyone had to consider a new way of doing business when the world shut down.

So, what are those customer challenges often? 

Of course, each customer always has their own different challenges, but they also have many unifying factors. I will mention a few of them. One is to collect and exploit their own existing (identified) and potential (unidentified) data and combine external data. The other is sales and marketing existing as separate “silos.” The third is an intact customer experience. (Using the data and exploiting it are different things) 

I also put the blame squarely on us – salespeople. So often, we salespeople forget the customer perspective and talk about things in an overly complicated way, making things unnecessary difficult for the people making the decisions. Here at RADLY, we strive to be different. We focus on creating value, and always aim to make sure our clients understand the why of things, not just the how. Despite being new here, I can sense the enthusiasm and professionalism of my colleagues and have been impressed by the level of expertise they have. It has truly felt like a new home for me. 


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January 26, 2022